SMS Banking

Patsanstha-1    07-Mar-2022
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SMS (Short Messaging Service) banking is a state-of-the-art unattended system used for providing 24 hours service to the Bank’s customers for accessing their account information using mobile instruments. SMS banking uses the power of software and SMS technology to process the customer’s request, scan the bank’s database for necessary information and reply to the customer’s mobile by sending messages in text format, which are sent through the system automatically.

The customer has to fill up an application form & register himself with the bank to avail of these services. The form can be obtained from any branch of the bank.
  1. In PUSH functionality, the bank will send information/intimation related to the customer’s account to the registered mobile number of the customer.
  1. Debit / Credit Transaction Message for a stipulated amount (for SB a/c above 100/- and C/A / C/C a/c above 100/).
  2. Inward Cheque Returned Intimation.
  3. Outward Cheque Returned Intimation.